1 The three Greek statues in the house were donated by Mr. Rudy Travis.
2The Phi Kappa Upsilon Fraternity House sits on 1.779 acres of land.
3 The E & H in the upstairs bathroom stands for Edward and Helena Newinski, one of the original owners of the house.
4 The coffee table in the front room was built by Mr. Dwayne Berger in the spring and summer of 1982.
5 The upstairs firedoor was built by Mr. Leo M. Knasky to signify no smoking in the upstairs bedrooms.
6 On April 26, 1966 the house was conveyed and warranted to the Phi Kappa Upsilon Housing Corporation.
7 The spring pledge class of 1985 revarnished the Arnold Halthaller paddle.
8 The fireplace was built in 1966 by Mr. Ralph Eagle.
9 The driveway lights were put up in the Fall of 1986 by Mr. Keith Bradley.